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  1. Naicuuuu ! btw i think our side will consist of 4 parties as im aware of.
  2. if you claim domination like u did back then, you re meaning losing spree domination. im glad you and your father u re sitll the jokes of the community, keep it up people always need someone to laught at.
  3. sorry have u ever won anything since the last time i played with you? with your 5 man party?
  4. i was so innactive i think i just join that project for that year thats why i was so confused.
  5. oups you re right,wanted to say 1 year i just check the latest fraps i added here it was 2017 thats why i typed 2, is 1 then
  6. Personally for me is been 2 years since the last time i played the game. Im personally coming back for this project with our group playing along side my brother Ferrari . best of luck everybody. lets make this one a fun one. i ll be streaming 24/7 on this channel
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