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  1. Go go go dislike this video and show me how butthurt you are garbage java gr33ks. 20 50 100 dislikes, still won't change the fact that I'm raping you and you won't make you sleep better at night.
  2. Wasn't it your party we raped 5vs9 at garden of eva earlier today ? Garbage.
  3. nice fraps, today im logging another char, thanks. had to afk 1 minute at bara pvp to rebuff from those shitty cancels
  4. Straight outta GVE servers haha
  5. It's not rocket science, even alliance cps farmed on sublimity :v
  6. Our latest video Our 9v9 event videos:
  7. 6 + 9 the 2nd party that you failed to synchronize with. Nice movement. Fraps don't lie. Cu soon.
  8. been playing the same server ur group decided to play with 4 cps while it was max 3. You guys lost miserably. Also loled at your group losing to us 8vs15. Will be the intro of my 3rd video in a couple of days. Hope ferrari actually plays and actually brings around 8 cps including yours so we can have a laugh at killing you 4vs8.
  9. ah the server where I came back to play l2 after a 2-year break. I'll never forget how butthurt tf was over losing 3vs4 parties at valakas )
  10. A boosted area with massively better drops than high rate pt zone where mana pots + npc buffs are not allowed. #makeithappen #goodpartiesdeservebetterdrops
  11. YeahThePro


    Hello. The #1 L2OFF Interlude CP will be here. Not sure whether I'll make a side or join one yet. Our 9v9 event videos:
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