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  1. You are really racist man.. Not suit for 2020! If some1 ask you that where is Turkiye in map, u can't show. But u can be angry about us. As your grandfathers did. They tried, dead and still lying down in Çanakkale; thousands miles away from their mainland.
  2. 7 post.. 2 for bugf@ctory, 5 for Manifesto... good boy... Your bones are ready, Dog!
  3. so u re not palying l2.. Actually u re not playing game.. Your programmes do it for you and u re just watching screen. When u say "kebab" that is not bother us.. Atleast, we are not burning our forest and sniping animals... you should be ashamed of yourself
  4. lol, no competition but u already know server which we are playing? so u re a fun boy.. i ll give you some bones , do not bark here.
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