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  1. I would gladly trade the entire country of Turkey burning down than watch a small portion of my country burn, dont your worry...
  2. Nor do I want to play c4, you play c4 cuz no one else plays it, easy for you to actually get a win for once..
  3. Am I mephisto? rofl. Aint no one begging for shit..
  4. Lol. How can you blame us for a bug in olympiad.. Did I make the server? Wouldnt even bring up sublimity if I were you, never seen an easier server in my life.. And im not just talking about oly etc.. Im talking about taking 80% of epics from start to finish, and only loosing 1 valakas when 70% of the server decided to ally up together just to fight us. So please, get off our dick, you will be on it in 3 days 20 hours. Nonfactor turk.
  5. Literally the worst fraps I've ever seen. xD. Who the fuck plays c4.. you losers, lol.. I know which server your going to play, cuz ur spaming it all over this forum, you fuking braindead kebab. My previous observation still stands.. yall aint shit, guna get creampied on here vs any decent group.
  6. When was manifesto ever competition? rofl. Back to your c4 server with 30 ppl playing it plz..
  7. Try again in english.. Although, if this is the same Ferrari who played this x1000 Frozen before Christmas, dont bother, nonfactor loosing 9 v 27 first day of the server, lmao. somehow you've gotten worse since 2017..
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