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  1. Only weekend and max 3 Hour is better system of olympiad.
  2. You have seriously problems You played that game for years still trash. Show us a good thing that you do from this game. Its okey I will accept trash interlude server's too
  3. Learn something from me unskilled Interlude community. Free necro lessons ~
  4. This is show how your group is trash. You even cant protect ur team friend. Anyway, Necro hero is 250 $. If you interested you already know how to speak with me. Your friends did it as well
  5. Lets stop trash talk and tell me, you guys need HERO again ? Beg me again for necro hero. If you pay well, I will log-in your character and make you hero again as I do at l2 sublimity. We will fuck your ugly face already, lets pay me from now for necro hero. Mephisto knows so well that what I mean
  6. Maybe he meaning " 30 ppl to murder by Manifesto per 30 sec "
  7. yah their main server sublimity. of course sublimity is main server for them. Because there is no have a server you can do 2v1 3v1 at olympiad
  8. A competition between trash interlude community... İnteresting. C4 server with 30 ppl ? Hmm interesting more than the " competition " We are already know the trash interlude community and their forum talks like your post. But when you are writing somehing, you should be realist mate. We are already played alot of good server and kick some shiny ass. Oh wait, if you meaning these servers which have full bot, interface shits, auto assist shits, wall hacks, so high rates like 1200x, full custom ah yes, we are not in the " competition " and we will never be. Watch something real. You saying c4 to this because you even dont know how a real lineage looking like I will not post our videos from sublimity while fucking u guys at epics because you are already memorize these videos so well.
  9. From yesterday, Manifesto PK to old players at l2 Classic.club 3x. I know, I know our quality is sooo high for Interlude community, only one group who doesnt use " Interface - Wall hack - Bot - Auto things - illegal stuffs "
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