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  1. Drax

    Pvp Assist

    Why you even speak when you get donate coins with your clan and cp from admin for join server? Full nobles at start farmed like shit and then fight vs us when we was not even +6 items :P I see you are pro player like old time with big mouth
  2. Drax

    Pvp Assist

    #YeahThePro Why you all time about lowrate server settings Oo as i remember when i saw you on any mid/low rate mostly all time lose anyting at pvp and complain about balance to change smt to fix at server and even at pvp server you try so hard hah . If you want so bad low rate go official and farm
  3. first you search a clan or cp then you post a clan that you come Find new ppl to scam ?
  4. Drax


    Szukamy 2 bp i 2 magow Pm na forum
  5. Drax


    Szukamy 1 bp i 1/2 wl
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