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  1. Забудь, сервер отключен, бд отключена, админ собрал бабки, и закрыл сервер через 5-6 дней после открытия это феил
  2. The administrator raised money and hid
  3. people played the same
  4. server off? people played the same
  5. PlowPown

    Ant Queen

    why doesn't ant queen walk? standing still
  6. also do not transfer resources and items
  7. Does not work anywhere
  8. item transfer does not work
  9. PlowPown


    up chance need
  10. думаем, либо в 8 рыл, либо в 2 стартануть тянуть или не тянуть, хз
  11. have you made a change?
  12. Up the drop chance - 10% to 12-14% ...top ls 76 drop Dementional Fragments - rarely falls - increase chance All Dinosaurs on The Primeval Island must run
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